The word “express coffee” has it’s origin from the Italian word “espresso” intended to describe a fast and immediate service for the customer.

Express Coffee


“The ideal meeting” tvc, with the dynamics of the movements and the variety of colors in the form of a kaleidoscope brings to the consumers the 6 flavors offered by ama capsule.

ama capsule “The ideal meeting”



Coffee is the most preferred drink for millions of people, whose mornings start with a cup of coffee. In just a few seconds a perfect balance is achieved between body, taste and aroma. Beside the irreplaceable ingredients, the best of Arabica and Robusta, there must be care and experience.



The passion, love and care for the coffee, meets the technology innovation of the revolutionary New Century. The pleasure of having an express coffee enters a new dimension reshaping itself into the new exclusive ama caffe capsules.