New Century was created as a result of many years of experience in the distribution of coffee, in-depth knowledge about the market and specific customer needs, in terms of taste and quality of coffee.

These years of experience allow us to be near you, having always in mind the importance of a balance between price and the maintenance of high quality standards. We know that to produce coffee is like making  art that starts from the selection and the possession of the best beans to continue with the process of roasting, grinding and last but not least the process of packaging.

All these require a range of skills, expertise, and of course special attention to details. So knowing what is important to you and what make you happy,we unite the traditional production methods to the latest technology, bringing to you a high-quality coffee, with a taste and flavor that can not be easily forgotten.

Our mission is to provide quality product consistently to enrich the lives of our clients and customers, allowing them to make a conscious choice.

Our goal is to give you a brief trip between smell and taste dedicated to the pleasure of senses.
We seek to distribute the real culture of turkish coffee.

Our vision is to lead the way in the world of coffee through continuous excellence, innovation and creativity.
To position ourselves as the strongest brand in the region, increasing our consumer base and expanding continuously.

We have in-depth knowledge
From the most well known plantations we choose with great care the variety of the coffee grains and through the italian mixing tastes tradition we offer a coffe filled of profound scent and uniq balance.

We make a diference
The Experience and the passion give us everything is needed to provide the best service and quality, where each component is as important and present in taste as in the balance of the entire mixing.
The technology we have chosen to process the packaging guarantees the preservation of the taste from the roasting to the enjoying the cup of coffee.

We create partnership
Our name is the synonym of strong builded relationship with our employees also our customers.We do believe that working together in harmony is a safe opportunity to create a successful business.

We are inspired from the hundred of years tradition of coffee to achieve our ultimate goal which is the high quality that would fulfill all your desires. This goal is achieved through the continuous monitoring of the entire production chain,from choosing the raw material to the best working methodology keeping always in mind the innovation which accompanies us throughout our work.

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