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New Century Company was brought to life as a result of many years of experience in coffee capsule, cialde, grounded coffe distribution, deep knowledge of the market and customers specific needs about coffee taste and quality. The Company established itself in the production and distribution of coffee Espresso beans, coffee Capsules and Turkish coffee, with immediate success in the single serving coffee market segment.

1995 History
Import Saicaf

Import Saicaf from Italy. Distribution in top HoReCa outlets in Tirana

2005 Idea
The Idea

The idea to create our own product was born.

Selecting the key suppliers for the production plant - Brambati

Hired the advertising agency that would create the brand and communication campaign Optima Communication

2009 New Century
New Century

New Century is founded.

Coffee master is hired and started the first blending tests to create the perfect espresso in a cup

2010 New era
ama® caffè

ama® caffè is born.

The first ama® premium barista line is roasted

Listed in the top 50 bars in the city.

Full advertising campaign, outdoor, TV, digital.

2013 ama Caffe

ama® caffè in a capsule

New launch campaign

2014 ama Caffe

Landing in Austria, B2B market and spreading over Balkans

Thinking outside the box – ama® ciocaffè

2015 ama Caffe
Barista line

ama® now in France, Germany, Poland, Spain

Product testing in key retailers in Germany

Packaging renovation of ama® barista line

2016 ama Caffe
iced coffee & Nespresso Compatible

ama® iced coffee launch in Albania

ama® ciocaffe launch in Germany

ama® Nespresso Compatible launch

2019 ama Caffe
Turkish coffe

ama® Turkish & ama® barista launch in UK & USA markets

2020 ama Caffe
Cialde & Ground Coffee

ama® iced coffee launch in Sweden.
ama® capsule lunch in Norway.

Launching of 8 new products, ama®cialde 2 SKU; ama® ground and roasted coffee 2SKU,  ama®Diamond and 3 new SKU ama® capsule

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